1st coordination meeting


Date : 30.11.2018
Place : Skype Meeting
Participants : Prof. Dr. Fatih KONUKÇU (NKU)
Prof. Dr.LokmanHakan TECER (NKU)
Ali Sırrı ÖREN (NKU)
Kadriye ÇİL (NKU)
UKRMEPA team could not participate due to confusion in timing.
Subject               : Monthly Project Coordination Meeting – 1
  1. Template for EEP materials, its content format has been discussed: It has been mentioned that, (a)individual contents should be in native languagesof each partnering country; (b) existing EEP on NKU’s website can be used as an example where videos, photos and texts, which were prepared by TURMEPA during ILMM-BSEproject can be found; (c) tender for service procurement for EEP will be finalised by 12/12/2018, so the content generation should be finalised by the end of January or beginning of February, or March, latest.
  2. Monitoring and reporting system for marine littering has been discussed: The material and suggestions prepared by Prof. Dr.LokmanHakan TECER and circulated among Marine Environment Coordinators have been reviewed and it has been decided that, according to relevant EU Directives, a sector of beach with min. 100 sqm surface area should be designated for monitoring and monitored min. 4 times per year.
  3. Formation of Education Consultancy Committees and criteria for the composition of each committee (i.e. min. 8 academicians and min. 7 people from local authorities) have been discussed: The issues concerning inclusion of primary and secondary schools and authorities related to marine management and environment issues were raised and decided that the numbers given above are min. thresholds and composition can be flexible.
  4. Preparation of the first progress report and inputs from partners have been discussed: The deadline for submission of consolidated report by NKU to the JTS has been set to 12/12/2018 and in this regard, the deadline for partners to send their own country reports to NKU has been set to 05/12/2018 to provide NKU with sufficient time to prepare and submit the consolidated report.
  5. Date for the next PCU meeting over Skype has been discussed: The next meeting date has been set to 11/01/2018, Friday.