3rd coordinataion meeting


Date : 08.02.2019
Place : Skype Meeting
Participants : Prof. Dr. Fatih KONUKÇU (NKU)
Prof. Dr.Lokman Hakan TECER (NKU)
Ali Sırrı ÖREN (NKU)
Kadriye ÇİL (NKU)
Sonya ENILOVA and TDCNM team
Mamuka GVILAVAand CIVITAS team
Vladimir FILIN and UKRMEPA team
Subject               : Monthly Project Coordination Meeting – 3
  1. NKU conducted monitoring activities in Kıyıköy. TDCNM conducted monitoring in Pomorie on 23rd January, 2018. They will finalize the full version of the research template and send the complete data to Prof. Dr.Tecer. Prof. Dr.Tecer asked the partners to send them in Excel format, which he will send them after the meeting. Then he will analyse all the data by yearly. Prof. Dr.Tecer also recommended them to send the data accompanied by 10 pictures on average and maps and reminded that the next monitoring activity will be in the same location. TDCNM has chosen the place but didn’t have clean-up activity. CIVITAS checked 8 places, selected one and done the monitoring. All alternative places have descriptions and maps. CIVITAS also organised a training for schools and a clean-up action with students, local municipality and NGOs; collected materials / wastes, grouped them in categories and completed the questionnaire. The activity was held on 25-26th January 2019.They used the Hong Kong example, the template survey for the litter collection activity. Students could understand the statements and it is compatible with EEA applications. The template is one-page–long and can be easily done on smart phones as well. They will send the report after the last corrections including the recommendations for the next step: (a) Prepare and collect the waste. (b) Use some signposts for different kinds of wastes on sign boards to instruct people. (c) Organise two teams to collect and classify the waste. (d) Call local authorities to collect the waste because there is a huge amount of them. (e) Carry out monitoring for both river and the marine (Georgia did both). UKRMEPA have chosen a beach and Prof. Dr.Tecer confirmed it. They will collect the garbage next month and see the amount.
  2. NKU asked the partners to send cumulative amounts spent until now and monthly expenditures for each as a preparation for the next Interim Report, as the project is approaching the 70% of the total instalment. It is expected that the project will be approaching that limit during sometime from month 8 to 10.
  3. NKU asked the progress about the video-shooting activities: (1) UKRMEPA asked about the possible scope and feature of the video film and NKU answered that every partner is free to choose a setting for the video and put on the education system, the film that was prepared by TURMEPA in ILMM-BSE project should be of useful guidance. (2) TDCNM mentioned that they talked with Education Consultants’ Committee and they insisted that there should be a professional to do the task of video-shooting and it should be funded by the budget. NKU reminded that the budget has been already confirmed and justified by JTS and the contractor has no obligation on video-shooting or generating video materials. However, the partners can decide on the quality of the materials. TDCNM mentioned that they used the educational programme from the previous ILMM-BSE project, translated it from Turkish to Bulgarian and will use it as a model. (3) CIVITAS mentioned that they prepared a video film and will share it with the contractor for fine-tuning.
  4. NKU suggested that the meeting in Istanbul / Turkey on 19th March 2019 would be a good opportunity for partners to meet face-to-face and be able to discuss several issues including video shooting, content preparation of EEP, interim report, etc. But the funding was an issue and decided to be checked with the JTS by NKU.
  5. The next Skype Meeting will be on 7th March 2019 at 11:00 with Turkish local time.