4th Coordination meeting


Date : 07.03.2019
Place : Skype Meeting
Participants : Prof. Dr. Fatih KONUKÇU (NKU)
Prof. Dr.LokmanHakan TECER (NKU)
Ali Sırrı ÖREN (NKU)
Kadriye ÇİL (NKU)
Sonya ENILOVA and TDCNM team
Mamuka GVILAVAand CIVITAS team
Vladimir FILIN and UKRMEPA team
Subject               : Monthly Project Coordination Meeting – 4
  1. Due to JTS training to be held in Romania on 16th and 17th of April, 2019, it has been decided that the transnational event in Bulgaria should be postponed to a later date. The suggestions put forward by TDCNM for scheduling that event were either May 8-9, 2019 (as the 9th of May is the Day of Europe) or May 14-15, 2019. All the participants agreed on May 13-16, 2019 as the new date for the first transnational event in Bourgas, Bulgaria. All partners agreed that their organisations will be represented by at least one of their experts at JTS training in Bucharest, Romania on April 16-17, 2019. The meeting is expected to be a good opportunity for all partners to come together to discuss the project activities face to face before the project meeting in Bulgaria.
  2. NKU opened discussion on the finalisation of templates for brochures and posters, shared with partners by Prof. Dr. Fatih KONUKCU who said that the picture designed by UKRMEPA team was quite convenient and will share it with partners for their approval or further suggestions.
  3. NKU has mentioned the reporting guidelines that was shared with partners during passed few days and asked all partners to scan all the finalized procurement files and upload them on EMS. The deadline for the Applicant to submit the second Interim Report is April 12, 2019, therefore, all the partners are expected to upload their own files on the system and send their part of Interim Reports (without entering financials on the system) before the end of March.
  4. NKU’s Marine Environment Coordinator Prof. Dr. H. Lokman TECER have mentioned that the second monitoring should be repeated in April, 2019, by all partners on the same areas designated by each partner for the first monitoring. CIVITAS mentioned that they can share an online application which can be downloaded and used for data collection and data entry. NKU has mentioned that they have a special application already, which they will share among partners for further development of reporting system.
  5. TDCNM has asked the timeframe for the availability of integrated database and nature of required content for it. NKU answered that it will be available in June, 2019, and will be containing data in relation to EU Directives on marine littering, EU best practices, monitoring results of the project, reporting templates and reports prepared in this context. TDCNM has also asked about the scope and standards required for video shooting in the context of EEP. CIVITAS and UKRMEPA mentioned that they have already sent their own videos and the Contractor has already started working on them. TDCNM asked CIVITAS and UKRMEPA to share their work with them to develop their video on these examples. NKU mentioned that they will ask the Contractor to share CIVITAS and UKRMEPA videos among all partners soon and to come to Bulgaria for the first transnational event in Bourgas to share the final work, there.
  6. Since all partners will be meeting each other face-to-face in April, in Bucharest, Romania, during the JTS training and in May, in Bourgas, Bulgaria, during the first transnational event, it has been decided that there will be no need for planning a Skype meeting for next two months of April and May.