5th Coordination meeting_Bucharest_


Date : 15.04.2019, at
Time: 18.00-20.00
Place : Minerva Hotel, Bucharest, Romania
Participants : Prof.Dr.Fatih KONUKCU, NKU, Turkey
Sonya ENILOVA, TDCNM, Bulgaria
Konstantin LEFTEROV, TDCNM, Bulgaria
Vladimir FILIN, UKRMEPA, Ukraine
Hnilichenko HELLEN, UKRMEPA, Ukraine
Subject               : Monthly Project Coordination Meeting – 5
  1. Difficulties and practical solutions in the Separation/differentiation/classification of the collected Garbage from the beaches of each country were discussed. The teams shared their practices and experiences.
  2. How to manage so many students in beach cleaning activities were discussed. Necessity of required permissions from the parents and signing a contract with the authorities before the activity were emphasized
  3. Agenda, participation, presentations and details of program of 1st Congress, Workshop and Press Conference to be held on 14-15 May 2019 in Burgas-Bulgaria. It was emphasized that Semin Alp TUNCER, an expert from the Conracted Firmfor the ecosystem Education Program should attend the meeting in Bulgaria in May.
  4. Design and content of poster and brochures, number of copies to be produced and how to deliver to the partners were decided.
  5. In relation to the second Progress report, the following decisions were taken: All partners should complete their report for the second period, submit it to Project Coordinator Mr. Ali Sırrı OREN and upon approval upload to the eMS system on time. Then Project Coordinator will consolidate the whole report and submit to JTS via eMS system. Financial data will not be entered in this reporting period.
  6. In relation to the Interim Report the following information was shared: We are almost at the interim report phase. As of the end of March, our total cumulative expenditure amounted to EUR 213,746, or € 10,911 to complete 70%. According to this, we think that we will pass 70% withthe brochures, poster and salary payments of 9.000 Euros. All partners need to scan and upload all expenditure files and all other documents, as we do, because the financial data will also be entered and sent to the controller. We cancall the financial controller assigned to our project after completing all required documents and related scanning.  So, just after the second progress report, that is, by the end of April, we should start preparing interim reports.
  7. Progress in the video shootings for the Ecosystem Education Program were discussed and problem encountered were reported.


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