7th coordinataion meeting







Skype Meeting 



: Prof. Dr. Fatih KONUKÇU (NKU)
Prof. Dr.Lokman Hakan TECER (NKU)
Ali Sırrı ÖREN (NKU)
Kadriye ÇİL (NKU)
Sonya ENILOVA and TDCNM team
Mamuka GVILAVAand CIVITAS team
Vladimir FILIN and UKRMEPA team




Monthly Project Coordination Meeting – 7

  1. In video shooting for the Ecosystem Education Programme, NKU informed that there are 21 video shots at the moment. UKRMEPA asked if they had to do their own video shooting. SUM answered that they will produce the videos and all they needed is the translations by partners for voiceover on the videos, so that they can start to translate the first transcript and send it to SUM. UKRMEPA and CIVITAS asked what kind of river basin they should teach. NKU answered that it is up to each partner, i.e. in Ukrainian case, it can be either Dniester, Dnieper or Danube and that Ergene Basin is an example and they should make your own content of it similar to the example. NKU reminded that the videos numbered 16, 17 and 19 prepared by TURMEPA for the previous project are from the Turkish Constitution and national regulations so that they will need the national legislation in each partner country regarding the issue sent to the coordinator. UKRMEPA asked about the deadline and NKU answered as soon as possible. After the negotiations, it has been decided that the translations from English to the local languages should be sent first and the visuals for the numbers 16, 17 and 19 should be changed and sent as well. The voiceover is decided to be negotiated later on. NKU recommended the partners that they send video by video so that it will be better to go step by step. SUM mentioned that they will use Adobe after Effects 2018 version 2 and send the link for information.
  2. In project website, TDCNM asked when the first version of the website will be available for followers and SUM answered that the first version will be tested during the first week of July.
  3. NKU informed that 70% of the first instalment has been exceeded, reminded that partners must finish writing the Interim Narrative Reports and suggested each partner to start to upload their financials on the system. The cut-off line for the financial data entry was May 31st, and they will use the same format available on eMS. NKU also reminded that partners should adopt the new format if JTS changes it. NKU will share the LP Narrative Report with partners, so that partners will correlate their own partner reports with it.
  4. NKU askedTDCNM whether they have finished fishing for litter campaign. TDCNM answered that they will do it in September because fishing by net is not allowed, at the moment. They have already written it in the report that they are planning to do it in September.Among the partners, CIVITAS has started some initial stages for it and they are getting prepared to hold a meeting with a Dutch scientist about the issue. NKU repeated that they will be expecting the videos and Interim Reports soon.
  5. CIVITAS suggested sparing the 21st of September forcross-border event day since the date is accepted to be the International Coastal Clean-Up Day. NKU reminded that 21stSeptember is the weekend and public holidays as well as weekends are not accepted eligible working days for project activities by the EC. After negotiations, 18-21 September 2019 are determined to be the cross-border event days for Odessa Meeting in Ukraine.
  6. The next Skype Meeting is scheduled to be held on 12th July 2019 at 11:00 am, Turkish local time.